About me

I am Claudia Schnürer – Feldenkrais practitioner, non medical therapist as well as performing artist and teacher for movement and body awareness. Mindful and healing bodywork on one hand and expressive performance on the other hand complete and inspire each other in my professional life. I am interested how life experiences resonate in the body and how physical, poetical and transformative expression can be found for it.

Since 2022 I am professor for body awareness & movement at Folkwang University of Arts. In addition to that I offer Feldenkrais sessions and body based, systemic counselling (Integralis Method) in a co-working Studio space in Essen. I am also still performing as a freelance artist with poetry, theatre and visual arts projects.

Some „historical stations“: 2016-2018 I have been core faculty of the physical theatre department at Folkwang University of Arts, Essen. 2009-2015 I have been the Director of Undergraduate Theatre Studies and Core Faculty for Movement at the Academia dell ´Arte, Arezzo, Italy. In 2005 I graduated from the Berlin school for alternative medicine and received a diploma as a non medical therapist. In 2004 I completed the four year professional training of the Feldenkrais-Method in Lewes, England, and subsequently worked as a Feldenkrais practitioner. 1993 I graduated from the Berlin circus school „die Etage“ after a three years professional training – since then I have been working as a multi-skilled performer in different formations for theatre, circus and variety nationally and internationally – (by now) touring through 16 countries.

I am teaching in the field of movement since 1998 for institutions and open groups. The Feldenkrais Method is used as a playful, analytical exploration and a fine tuning of the body. Working on the base of body mechanics the method is addressing the nervous system and facilitates to re-learn how to learn. This approach allows students to enlarge their field of perception, opening up movement and imaginative potential and serves empowering self-education.